Tires and The Farm Inn

Our relocation guide Kathryn took us to a really great place on Monday for lunch called The Farm Country Inn (  It is very conveniently situated to where we are searching for houses so we were able to spend about an hour here letting the kids play around.

When we walked into the lodge area everything looked very much like what Americans would consider stereotypical Africa. There were busts of all the large game animals adorning the walls and it looked like a safari lodge. Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures of the inside because I am still getting used to being accountable to all of you and just didn’t think about it at the time. Sorry! I will try to do better. However, the internet does help people like me, and those that are interested should check out the images under the facilities link of their website: 🙂

Lunch was AMAZING. I have yet to have a bad meal in South Africa. I ordered the Norwegian bagel and Brant got Venison pot pie and piri piri chicken livers. I think he’s had chicken livers about 5 times since we’ve been here. He says they are different from back home because they are not fried but just in a sauce. They are on the menu almost everywhere so South Africans must like them a lot (I admittedly have not tried them, but maybe soon).

These are the outdoor picnic shelters:


Hayden and Natalie enjoyed visiting with the animals and playing on the playground. 🙂

IMG_0057 IMG_0058  IMG_0062  IMG_0064  IMG_0071 IMG_0077 IMG_0078 IMG_0079 IMG_0081   IMG_0088 Poor bunny! IMG_0105

The Farm Inn offers much more than we were able to do in an hour, so we will definitely have to go back. Apparently a baby cheetah was born recently and we did not get to see him this trip.

Saving the Environment: The Tire Edition

In South Africa we’ve noticed that the country as a whole is incredibly environmentally conscious. For example, none of the trashcans have liners in them- they are just rinsed out if they are messy. There is not an abundance of plastic-ware like there is in America.  You can find it but it is not as common. People use regular silverware and dishes more than the disposable variety. It is even apparent in the childrens’ play equipment. Every swing I’ve seen here is an old tire hollowed out:

IMG_0061 IMG_0084

You can also see other ways tires are used in the equipment and notice that the boundary to the play area is lined with tires.


Old tires were even used as feeding and watering troughs for animals:

IMG_0094 IMG_0090 

I think this kind of multi-purposing is fantastic and it has been very refreshing to see! 🙂

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One Response to Tires and The Farm Inn

  1. E says:

    I think it’s awesome they are so eco-conscious! It’s way more healthy to avoid plastics – they have all kinds of carcinogens and can disrupt body function, like hormone production, when you use them to store and heat food in – so it’s great you’re in a place that uses less of them! And I totally love the tire swings and play things! Love you!

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