Hartbeespoort Dam and Aerial Cableway

I have always loved water. I just never realized how MUCH I missed being so far away from a large body of water while in Amarillo…. until we drove along the Hartbeespoort Dam.  Living in dry-dusty places has allowed me to appreciate landscapes more and this was no exception! The plan was to take the cableway to the top for lunch after spending the earlier part of the day at the elephant sanctuary.

The Dam only allows cars to drive across the bridge in one direction, so on either side of the bridge cars are surrounded by street vendors. Brant was able to pick up some new sunglasses for around $10. I was busy looking at the water and didn’t take pictures while we drove across the bridge.  The internet has saved me again and below are a few pictures of the bridge and the view.


A group of us (6 adults and 4 kids) made it to the Aerial Cableway (http://www.hartiescableway.co.za/) and purchased tickets to ride to the top of the mountain in this contraption:




The view from up top:




We had lunch in a small restaurant situated directly under the cable-cars at the top of the mountain. The food was an interesting assortment of classics and things I’ve never tried before. The salads here are fantastic and you can’t go wrong.



After lunch, we followed the path around to the top of the mountain and sat in the sunshine while the kids played on the playground. There was another place to eat at the very top of the mountain, and although the food at the first place was very good, we wished we would have eaten there because South Africa has spoiled our children and they want to play at every restaurant now. It has become hard to contain them!


The Harties Cableway is a great way to spend an afternoon!

Other Updates:

Hayden started school this week. He is adjusting. His teacher seems very patient and understanding.  His first day he had trouble listening and was out of place a lot for their routines but the teacher was very positive about all of it. Each day got better and she mentioned on Friday that she has to remember that even though they teach in English, some items have different names. For example, she asked him to put some paper in the bin and he had no idea she was asking him to throw something away in the trashcan. I really like her and I like how she recognizes these challenges and seems excited to work with him. Hayden is picking up some of this slang and now calls the restroom the toilet. 🙂

I found Natalie a school also! I was feeling kind of discouraged about this because everywhere I called was full but the people at Tyger Valley put me in touch with a great little Montessori school close by and they had a spot for her. She is doing great there and everyone is very impressed with her independence.  A positive for this school is that they teach in English (many of the preschools teach in Afrikaans). We hope she will eventually learn Afrikaans, but like that she can understand what is going on during this stage in her development.

I do not have a housing update for now. The HR manager has been out of town and she is the person that has to approve our offers. She returns tomorrow so we hope to have some news then.  I am sure your fingers and toes are exhausted and want to be uncrossed at anytime… but just hang on a little longer! We are really hoping for some positive news soon!

Love from South Africa!


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5 Responses to Hartbeespoort Dam and Aerial Cableway

  1. Willa says:

    Looks as if you have having fun! I love you all so much! Kisses from across the waves!

  2. Cheryl says:

    Once again, I really enjoy reading your post!!!! Your family looks healthy and happy, and that is always a blessing!
    Good luck on the house!!!! Miss you!

  3. E says:

    Great great great pictures! So happy about Hayden & Natalie’s schools 🙂 🙂 Love & Hugs!

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