Becoming an Expat

It has become clear to me that I have not really explained how my family ended up here in South Africa.  So I suppose it is time to talk about what exactly Brant is doing here (besides eating too many chicken livers).

Brant works for a large international company in the energy division.  We were on a project in Texas when we found out that he had been offered an assignment South Africa. His company helped us apply for our VISAS and once they were approved, our flight was booked and we were bound for South Africa.

We are currently living in Pretoria (still in the hotel), and Brant works about an hours drive away at the Kusile Power Station.  The plant has been commissioned by Eskom, a local South African utility. The job site itself is very large, roughly 1355 hectaacres, and once the power station is completed, it will be one of the largest in the world.

ACC_ColumnsUnit1 Kusile1~1 TurbineGenerato AuxBayConst IMG_1188 Brant works as a superintendent on an underground utilities package. My understanding of his job is that he walks around and checks permits, does inspections and oversees the contractors progress.

Our initial contract is for 2 years, although many people extend for a longer period of time.  My understanding is that Brant could eventually do other jobs on this same project. Many people move around and try and gain as much experience as possible.

So far we really like it here. The kids are adjusting very well and they really enjoy school. There are so many people from Brants company out here, and many of them have children the same age as ours so  there is never a shortage of people to see and things to do.

About a week and a half ago Hayden and Brant got knocked down by a nasty bug. Since there is no quarantine zone in our tiny room, Natalie and I got sick also. Fortunately, we knew what was coming and went and got medicine to knock it out right at onset and we did not get as sick as the boys.

Moving day is this week (well, sort of)! We are moving our things out on Friday but the bulk of our furniture does not arrive until Tuesday, October 1.  We are just so excited to be out of the hotel that we plan to sleep at friends houses and on air mattresses until we have our beds. I have been spending too much money on bed linen and and bath towels. Textiles are extremely expensive here- and the quality is not what you would expect for the price (think 200 thread-count sheets for an insane amount of money).  I forked over the big bucks for the highest thread-count I could find anywhere and I hope you feel very special when you come visit me and sleep in luxury ;).

I also manged to win a tennis tournament! It was very surprising and fun! The cake was delicious too!


Brant has a new favorite pizza, and of course it is  topped with chicken livers:


Love from South Africa! 🙂

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4 Responses to Becoming an Expat

  1. E says:

    Impressive looking job site, Brant! But please, take it easy on the toxin filtering organ of dirty birds- YUCK!!! So happy ya’ll are FINALLY getting out of the hotel room and into a house 🙂 Congratulations on your tennis tourney, Jennifer!!! You’re amazing! We are so excited for our trip to come visit and we miss you lots!! Love you – see you in December!

  2. Amanda says:

    Looks like you guys are adjusting pretty well out there. I know once you get in your place things will be a lot better for you, but for the most part you are making the best out of the situation. Yall seem to make friends very easily so that’s good. Tell everyone hello. 😀

  3. Mandy says:

    Oh and whats up with the chicken livers Brant??? GROSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!

  4. Paige Morgan says:

    Any liver is the worst thing you could eat!!! think calves liver… it filters all those hormones they give them and antibiotics they give them DO NOT EAT LIVER

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