Nelson Mandela Square/ Rooftop Market

Back in September we went on a day trip out to Sandton (a very upscale section of Johannesburg) to visit  Mandela Square.  It is about 45 minutes away from Pretoria.  The square has a very nice shopping mall with great dining options. When we were there the center of the square was converted into a fun beach-theme play zone for the kids.  The highlight though is a giant statue of Nelson Mandela which is a great photo opportunity.

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In the play area there was a man creating an amazing Rhino out of sand to bring awareness to the epidemic of Rhinoceros poaching in Africa.  The Rhinos are on the verge of extinction because some people covet their horns, either for trophies or they believe the horns have medicinal properties.  Poachers will cut off the horn and leave the Rhino to die. It is so sad!

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After lunch we ventured over to the Rosebank Rooftop Market, which as it turns out is just the upper level of a parking garage. BUT, it was still fun to see all of the items the vendors had for sale. Brant really liked haggling for things and I came home with a new cute shirt! 🙂

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In other updates, the kids are still taking swimming lessons and enjoying it. The lessons are 20 minutes long and 2 students per instructor during that time. At first I wondered if they could actually learn anything in 20 minutes but Hayden is really figuring it out.

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We did end up splurging and purchased a heater for the pool.  I think it is a fine investment because we will get more use out of the pool and now we have as long as we are here to use it.

Also, we have not had a power outage in a week! Whooo HOO! Hope I didn’t just jinx myself.

Love from South Africa!

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One Response to Nelson Mandela Square/ Rooftop Market

  1. E says:

    I cannot wait to go swimming with the kids! Please give them lots of love form AuntE!

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