Swimming and Day Trips

The entire house (except for Brant) has been out of commission all weekend due to illness, but thankfully we appear to be recovering.  Laying around sick has given me time to sync my phone and get some older pictures on the computer to share.

I know I mentioned in my last blog about the kids taking swimming lessons, but I have to share this video:

That was his very first time across the entire pool! We were so proud!

I also want to mention a fun family day trip from either Pretoria or Joburg is to the Irene Dairy Farm.  It is a working farm and they sell goods, including certified raw milk, made directly on the farm. They have a great kids play area plus 2 restaurants. We went with a few other families and had brunch and explored. It was great. Here are some pictures:

009 011 017 018 020 025 036 040 041 047


Another little kid friendly activity is to take the kids out to Cedar Junction, located in Pretoria.  When we went they were hosting a craft day.  There were not that many people, but the kids were able to play, ride the train, do a craft, and get some lunch. It was fun!

086 087 093 094 098 099 106 110 115 116 123 125


Love from South Africa!

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One Response to Swimming and Day Trips

  1. E says:

    Wonderful, beautiful pictures!!! And I love the video of Hayden swimming so well! I am so happy that ya’ll are having so much fun! Love and miss you all so much ❤

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