An “I’m having an Africa day” Quiz

My friends and I were talking the other day how we all have “Africa days” where it just kind of stinks being here. I feel fortunate that I mostly have great days and really enjoy living abroad, however, it is easy to fall victim and get annoyed. You never now what will set you off…. for me today, it was a trip to Macro (kind of like Wal-Mart but 100 times worse) followed by our owners sending a letter basically saying that even though they didn’t want to pay to install a pool heater for us, they feel they have the right to claim ownership of the one we paid to have installed ourselves.  Absolutely ridiculous.

To honor my Africa day, I decided I want to write a blog post that I’ve been thinking about writing for a while. It stems from me driving around and occasionally having no idea what the road sign I am looking at is trying to tell me.

Who doesn’t like pretending to be in drivers ed again? If you find some free time, grab a piece of paper and see if you can figure out what these signs are trying to tell you. Comment below with how you did and which ones were difficult. I didn’t want to hurt any feelings, so I put some easy ones in here too. Remember, cheating is for losers. 😉

1) sign 1


2) sign 2

3) sign 3


4) sign 4

5) sign 5

6) sign 6

7) sign 7

8) sign 8

9) sign 9

10) sign 10

11) sign 11

12) sign 12

13) sign 13

14) sign 14

15) sign 15

16) sign 16

17) sign 17

18)sign 18

19) sign 19

20) sign 20

21) sign 21

22) sign 22

23) sign 23



Answers below:


















































1) Mini Buses Only
2) Abnormal Vehicles Only
3) Vehicle containing hazardous materials
4) Speed Limit
5) Unauthorized vehicles prohibited
6) No Stopping
7) Hawkers Prohibited
8) 2 lane divided highway begins (also known as a carriageway)
9) 1 lane divided highway begins (also known as a carriage way)
10) priority crossroad sign
11) Traffic Circle Sign
12) Concealed Driveway Sign
13) Wild Animals
14) Gate
15) Gravel Road Begins
16) Narrow Bridge
17) Uneven roadway
18) Speed bump
19) General Warning (usually associated with potholes or goats)
20) Hippos
21) Cul-de-sac
22) Toll Plaza Ahead
23) Warthog

Hope you did great!

Love from South Africa! xoxoxoxo



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