Durban and the Oyster Box Hotel

Durban is a popular beach destination in South Africa and located 620 kilometers (385 miles) southwest of Pretoria. In February, we decided to visit the area and made reservations at the Oyster Box Hotel.

Road trips in this country can be very interesting. We were barely out of Pretoria when the kids called for their first restroom break and we spotted this sign painted on the side of the gas station wall:


We enjoy finding funny things and appreciating the beautiful things while driving. It is part of what makes exploring fun and exciting.

IMG_1863[1] IMG_1874[1]

We reserved a family room at Oyster Box Hotel for 3 nights and were able to bring along our 3 month old puppy, Ollie.  Our room had a separate room with bunk beds for the kids adjoining the main room.  Hayden had a blast playing in the ocean. Natalie liked it the first day, but was a little intimidated the second day. Ollie kept a pretty firm stance when he decided he did not want anything to do with the ocean.  We ordered room service to the room every night and sat outside to eat while the kids nibbled and played. It was a very relaxing trip.

IMG_1877[1] IMG_1878[1] IMG_1879[1] IMG_1882[1] IMG_1936[1] IMG_1940[1] IMG_1941[1] IMG_1945[1] IMG_1947[1] IMG_1948[1] IMG_1955[1] IMG_1961[1] IMG_1962[1] IMG_1887[1]

One of the highlights for the kids was when a monkey decided to join the table directly beside of ours during breakfast one morning. The staff sprayed water at the monkey and he left quickly.


One day it rained, so we ventured down to the aquarium.  We did not realize that the majority of the aquarium activities were outside. It was more like a water park that had an aquarium attached. We made the best of it and saw the fish and a dolphin show. Afterwards we had lunch at a local place on the boardwalk and saw some amazing sand sculptures.

IMG_1892[1] IMG_1912[1] IMG_1914[1] IMG_1924[1] IMG_1918[1]

We enjoyed our trip to Durban very much. Brant said the hotel had the best bunny chow he has tried to date. The Indian Ocean was loud, beautiful, warm, and relaxing. We were sad to leave but hope to visit again.  

In other news…..

The kids and I just returned from a visit to America in April/May. It was so wonderful to see everyone! I was told over and over that I needed to blog more. I know I’ve promised in the past to do better and then I don’t.  What holds me back is reading. I find myself using my spare time to read books rather than write anything. My new goal is to make myself write a blog before I can start a new book.  🙂 Let’s hope it works!

Hayden lost his first tooth over the weekend! He was so very excited to put his tooth under his pillow and that the tooth fairy came to visit!


Love from South Africa! xoxoxo!



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