Cube Tasting Menu Dinner

A  restaurant called Cube Tasting Kitchen in Johannesburg specializes in creating tasting menus, which are meals composed of small portions infused with many culinary highlights and special techniques.

A small group of us booked the 10 course tasting and our menu had 3 courses of appetizers, 3 main courses, a cheese plate, fruit plate, and 2 dessert plates. A more detailed description of our dinner menu can be found here: Cube Menu (10) Course Mar 2014

IMG_2090 IMG_2093

Our first course highlighted cucumber: as a cocktail, a salad, a tea snack, and a sweet. IMG_2095

The cucumber sweet was a jell-o-ish candy texture. The relish salad was probably my favorite of the entire evening.  Most of the dishes throughout the evening had some sort of sauce or cream infusion that the chefs would explain before we tasted our dishes.

Course 2 was an egg dish with beetroot, asparagus, garlic, and aioli. I also really enjoyed this dish.


Course 3 was a mushroom and custard dish that I thought tasted like you were eating french onion dip without the potato chips.

IMG_2097 IMG_2098

Course 4 started the main course portion of the tasting. They served white fish and potato, with a green pea sauce.


Course 5 was a prawn dish, which was my favorite entrée selection,  followed by a palate cleansing mango and chili frozen yogurt:

IMG_2100 IMG_2101

Course 6, the last entrée, was a lamb, bulgur wheat, and lentil dish followed by a tomato, watermelon, and liquorice palate cleanser.

IMG_2102 IMG_2103

By this point everyone was getting really full and it was hard to keep up with everything.  In general, all the entrée selections were nice and there were some interesting combinations that I would have never put together on my own which worked well together.

Course 7 was a blue cheese selection with lots of fancy sauces, and course 8 was a sampling of several peach concoctions.

IMG_2104 IMG_2105

Finally the last two courses were dessert:

IMG_2106 IMG_2107

The presentation of all of the food was beautiful and the experience was wonderful. At first we were worried we had to finish everything otherwise we would be hungry with such small portions, but you really do get full eating only a tiny bit of food each time.  It is fascinating what culinary experts can imagine and create. It was a wonderfully unique way to dine and if you’ve got some time in the Johannesburg area, go check it out!

Love from South Africa! xoxoxo

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