Recent Happenings: “Winter” 2014

I am proud to report that my new system of blogging in between books has seemed to work and I have been much better about writing lately.  This blog is dedicated to some of the small everyday pictures that I take and wanted to share (some of you who I am friends with on social media will have seen many of these- but some will be new for you also!).

We are in the middle of winter now and honestly, the lack of heat in the house has not been terrible. The mornings and late evenings are very cold and we run small space heaters throughout the house for warmth. The days have warmed up very nicely, usually into the 70s, and we can open all of the windows for a few hours.

Despite the winter, the kids were able to still show off some American pride on the 4th of July.

4th of july kids 4th of july kids 2

Hayden achieved his first hole-in-one at mini golf recently.  Natalie had one too, although hers was obviously dad assisted. 😉

4th of july kids 5 4th of july kids 4

We were able to keep our yearly Cadbury Egg Milkshake tradition alive this year despite being far away. I purchased a large quantity of eggs after Easter while I was still in America and brought them back. Always delicious!

4th of july kids 10 4th of july kids 11

Brant and I have had some nice evenings out with friends. Since many of us live in the same neighborhood we will often get together with friends at each others homes or go out to dinner. Recently we attended a rugby game for a friends’ birthday.

4th of july kids 3 4th of july kids 9 4th of july kids 13 4th of july kids 12

Hayden helping me grocery shop- he LOVES to go and ride standing on the back of the cart:


Here are some pictures of the kids just being kids- they are at the age where they want you to take their picture and show it to them.

IMG_2908 IMG_2896 IMG_2888 IMG_2792 IMG_2758 IMG_2429

Hayden adores all things Lego and will play for hours with them. He uses most of the spending money he earns on a new Lego kit of some sort.  He has also lost his second tooth, and now both lower teeth are missing.

IMG_2437 IMG_2438

Interestingly , it is customary here for women to carry their children on their back, usually wrapped in a towel or blanket. Natalie has picked up on this and sometimes will ask to put her stuffed animals on her back.

IMG_2764 IMG_2765

Sometimes on the weekend we take the kids in there for a nature walk. We have a game reserve in our neighborhood, stocked with impala, kudu, blesbok, and other deer-like animals.

4th of july kids 8 4th of july kids 7 4th of july kids 6

And of course our last family member, Ollie, is doing well. He completed his puppy class and next week has his basic obedience class test.  He has been a great fit for the family and loves playing with the kids.

4th of july kids 14 4th of july kids 15

I know this blog is a random hodgepodge of items- but my purpose is to share these items, that are not necessarily events that, alone, deserve a full blog post.  Hope you enjoy!

Love from South Africa! xoxoxoxo


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