The list:

1) Hike in the Dragon Mountains- Carter

2) Find the best Winery and report back- Ramsey

3) Blog about African Food and African Art- Noel M.

4) Host a Wine and Design class in Pretoria for my new friends- Mom

5) Visit the Cape of Good Hope- Gramp and Amy B

6) Learn an African Native Dance and preform it- Martha

7) Play tennis and teach Hayden and Natalie about South Africa (Brant play on an Ernie Els golf course)- Johnny

8) Go see a Gorilla in the wild- Uncle Mike

9) Learn to cook an entire African dinner (no snake)- Zelda

10) Go to an authentic Indian Restaurant and get Samosas and tea on a rainy day- Willa

11) Eat 3 authentic meals in 6 days- Jeff

12) Go to Madagascar- Carter and Bethany

13) Ride on top of an elephant– Jessica and Tabitha


14) Ride on a river boat (preferably on the Nile)- Charles

15) Walk down a desolate trail with a fruit basket on your head. Smile BIG and take a picture. – Mary Beth

16) Visit DeBeers Diamond Minds (and bring home diamonds)- Paige  Complete:

17) Photograph Mt Kilimanjaro- Paige

18) Visit the Serengeti and photograph the sunset- Jodie

19) Ride a Camel- Jodie

20) Record Lions roaring (in the night?) – Becky

21) Go to Victoria Falls with Mary- Mary

22) Ongoing- Determine if the terrain reminds me of any other area I have seen before in the United Sates or Elsewhere- Steve M.

23) Explore and discuss religions of Africa and how are they different from Christianity- Hazel

24) Eat at Baetoln*- Austin  ( I may need more clarification on this)

25) Mine 1 diamond- Jonas Complete:

26) Go see waterfalls in Tanzania- Tabitha

27) Brant and I need to wear matching giraffe suits- Gerad C

28) Plant a letterbox so people can find it and learn how awesome I am- Tabitha

29) Sleep in the wild one night- Lee

30) Climb Mt Kilimanjaro- Elizabeth

31) Take a picture of a giraffe mating with an albino rino- Elizabeth

32) Learn fluent Afrikaans- Elizabeth

33) Drink a Pim’s Cup- Elizabeth

34) Buy an item you don’t understand in Capetown- Elizabeth

35) Skype with Noelle (once a month)- Noelle

36) Hike shipwreck trails in Cape Point- Heather

37) Swim in Devils Pool- Brittany

38) Visit De Beers Diamond Mine- Donnie Complete:

I know 3-4 cards were misplaced somewhere during the packing whirlwind. If you challenge is missing (or you didn’t give one and want to do so) please comment below!


2 Responses to CHALLENGES

  1. Worth says:

    get an autographed picture from Nelson Mandela, or anyone that played on the rugby team featured in the movie “Invictus” – Worth

  2. Paige Morgan says:

    You should do a photograph a day!!! or night .then you can have a slide show to run extremely fast of your whole year(s). 🙂 Paige

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